terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Changing my language.

Hi guys...if there's any soul reading this...
since I'm now following a fellow who does not speak portuguese from now on I'll be writing my articles in english ok?

Today was a good day for me. I found out one of my best buds is finally settled in love. He was alone for a long time and I'm praying for his new relationship to last forever and bring him a lot of happy moments!
I miss my friend Shieru so much..I wish she was here! i_i and she spent all day away from fb so it's getting hard to talk to her...>.<'
I'm still writing a HP fanfic and well...I'm stuck a bit since I'm not doing it alone and my friend, who's helping me with it is busy...
Today was my second keyboard class and I had to do a lot of exercises, but it was fun! My teacher is really nice and easy to talk to. My friend said he'a hot but I don't think so. I mean he's not ugly but idk, I can't get to say gaijin ppl are pretty...I mean there are a lot of pretty gaijin but there's no attraction, y'know? I guess you don't, anyways...
I was trying to update my profile pic on fb but it wasn't working! I was sooo mad! But after seing some of my fave video on you tibe (SeeSeeWorld) I felt SO much better and motivate to produce myself. And I did! I've put on some make up and do my hair, put some earings and voilá, ready to take lotsa pictures! Ha..after i remember where did I put my camera's conector to send the pictures to my computer I'll post for SeeSee ^^
Anyways, I'm also subscribed on contacts giveaway by SeeSee! Please cheer for me!^0^/
Also i did some cleaning, in both ways! swiped the floor with a broom and also did some spiritual cleaning with an incense and some salt.
I guess that's it for today!

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